Our team allows your business to achieve exponential growth through a combination of strategic marketing planning and nurturing your brand presence. We help you establish your business as a leader in your sector.



We identify market opportunities, develop solid strategies, create scalable processes, and build stronger teams. We're passionate about helping our clients reach their vision, even when that path means making tough strategic decisions.


Business Services

Fluid can provide expert services to help your business achieve impactful growth. Our diverse team has expertise in a wide range of business services to ensure Fluid can provide all of your business services requirements.


About Us

Fluid Marketing International is located on the beautiful island of Barbados, in the West Indies. Our team of experts are located on Barbados, giving our clients access to world class expertise in a tropical setting.

We Are
Here for Your Business

Fluid’s expertise is working with our clients and their advisors in order to build a robust international business in Barbados that is customized to the particular clients’ needs. Our entrepreneurial approach, developed over decades of hands on business management, has allowed us to develop a leading consulting and services organization that supports clients around the world.

We provide an array of international business services to private and public corporate clients in many industries, determined by each clients specific needs and requirements. We specialize in providing world class consulting and business services to assist with our clients scaling their business both domestically and internationally. Fluid is based in the beautiful island of Barbados and has a large full time team of experts to provide a wide array of services to our valued clients.

Industries Supported by Fluid:

Internet Marketing

Online Retailers

Financial Services

Industrial Services

Accounting Services

Intellectual Property Holdings